Stable employment

We offer stable employment based on a contract of employment in a reputable, continuous improvement and development-oriented production organization, created by a team of experienced people.

A wide range of training

We guarantee a wide and varied range of training programs and a wide range of on-the-job workshops that provide employees with the necessary qualifications and competences at all levels of the administrative structure of the organization.

Attractive bonus system

We have an extensive system of rewarding people who stand out with a high level of qualifications, an intense level of commitment and focus on goals consistent with the mission of the organization. We support talents and innovations that drive the development of the organization.

Work in a creative team

We are an organization created by a creative staff of employees. We manage human resources in conditions of great freedom of action, in an environment open to expressing own opinions and submitting individual ideas, thus creating a stable foundation for the continuous development of skills and competences.

Current job offers


Working for Polmor will allow you to realize yourself professionally. You can find our products all over the world. We are a team of people who like challenges. If you already have experience in the industry or are just starting your professional career, check yourself and apply for your dream position.