Machine type Producer Main data
Shears EHT Max  dimension: 3000mm
Max. Thickness: 6mm
Laser Bystronic Power:  3000W
Max dimensions: 3000x1500mm
Max thickness:
- carbon steel:16mm
- stainless steel:10mm
- aluminium: 6mm
Punching machines   Finn Power C6 Max  dimmensions: 3000x1500mm
Max thickness: ~4mm
Number of tools: 70 sets.
Nishimbo Max  dimmensions: 3000x1500mm
Max tickness: ~3mm
Bending  machines Beyeler 225 T, 4100  mm
EHT 200 T,  4050 mm
EHT 80 T, 2530  mm
Safan 80 T, 2500  mm
Safan 50 T, 2500  mm
LVD 50 T, 2500  mm
LVD 230T,  4000mm
Presses Smeral 250T,  780×1400 mm
Smeral 100T,  640×100 mm
Barnaul 100T,  550×850 mm
WFP 40T,  400×630 mm
Wema Zeulenroda 25T,  500×630 mm
Metallist 10T,  400×500 mm
Sawing  machines    Behringer ø 230  mm
Kaltenbach ø 120  mm
ZDZ ø  100 mm
Trennjäger ø  75 mm
Automatic  and revolving lathes        Index ø30mm,  L=60mm
C.Zawod ø40mm,  L=120mm
C.Zawod ø40mm,  L=510mm
C.Zawod ø25mm,  L=320mm
C.Zawod ø20mm,  L=300mm
Universal  lathes      TOS ømax  400mm, L=1500mm
ZMM ømax  400mm, L=1500mm
WFO ømax  500mm, L=1500mm
Micume ømax  710mm, L=2000mm
Harison ømax  167mm, L=638mm
Milling  machines  Warka B=300mm, H=180mm, L=1200mm
Fritz Heckert B=350mm,  H=180mm, L=1200mm
Fritz Heckert B=300mm,  H=400mm, L=750mm
Fritz Heckert B=250mm,  H=300mm, L=750mm
Jarocin B=300mm,  H=400mm, L=750mm
TOS-KURM B=500mm,  H=630mm, L=1400mm
Portal B=1000mm,  L=1000mm
Plate beveling machines  ALME - GERIMA max bevel  size 16mm
ALME - GERIMA max bevel  size 12mm
Grinders  Falcon ømax  100mm, L=180mm
Sonunce ømax  160mm, L=320mm
Jotes ømax  250mm, L=800mm
Krasnyj Bovec ømax  200mm, L=550mm
Drilling  machines    VEB ømax  100mm, H=125mm
Csepel Table  1325x930mm
Welding machines  MIG/MAG ASPA, ESAB, ESS, Fronius, Kemppi, Lincoln, Migatronic,OZAS Max power from 4,5 kW to 22,1 kW, 85 machines in total
TIG AC/DC Fronius, Lincoln, Lorch, Miller, OZAS Max power  from 3,7 kW to 22,3 kW, 13 machines in total
TIG DC ESAB, Fronius, Lincoln Max power  from 6,8 kW to 13,6 kW, 18 machines in total
Plasma cutters OZAS Max power  9,5kW
 Spot  welding machines
(7 machines in total)   
ASPA Carbon steel max 6+6mm
ASPA Carbon  steel max 4+4mm
KUKA Stainless  steel max 5+5mm
Alluminum steel max 3+3
HBS stud welding ømax  8mm
Shot  blasting chambers  CKJ 300 (RVS) 3500x1500x2000mm
SciTeeX 9x4x4  meters
SMG-500 / MHG 1700x1700x1000mm
Wet painting chmbers USI Italia H=5000mm,  B=4000mm, L=14000mm
Powder coating line SCS H=800mm, B=1200mm,  L=2000mm
Additional equipment  Cranes   Max load:  3,5T, 6 machines in total
3D measuring machine STOLLE-MORA 1600x1500x2200mm

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